Justice Healthcare Group’s endeavor as a home health agency began in 2010. We consist of three registered nurses. As primary skilled nurses, we possess over 80 years of experience training in critical care specializing in cardiovascular and psychological assessment. We also have a pharmacist on staff that we consult with medication questions, and to check drug therapy to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

In the hospital setting, we recognized that there are a large number of patients being readmitted to the hospital shortly after being discharged. After talking with the patients, we realized that a large amount of these readmissions could have been avoided with a little assistance and/or guidance from healthcare professionals, producing better outcomes for the patient.

Our Mission
We are here to embrace health and balance life by alleviating mental, physical, and emotional burdens of illness for both our patients and their families. We are dedicated to maintaining our patients’ independence, comfort, and self-esteem while providing superior care in the comfort of their Texas homes.

Our Staff
Our care providers are skilled, patient, and they take great pride in helping to ensure each patient/caregiver fully understands and can administer medical treatment prescribed by their physician. Our goal is to prevent the progression of disease by educating, supporting, and caring for patients under the guidance orders of their physician.

Our Credentials
Justice Healthcare Group is CHAP accredited, (Community Health Accreditation Program). We at Justice Healthcare strive to provide quality home care to patients requiring special attention after hospitalization and/or additional plans as ordered by physicians. We strive to keep the same high standards that the physicians have exemplified in caring for their patients.

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