Whether you’ve had multiple operations in the past or you’re headed for your first, it can be a nerve-wracking experience. Medical staff will try to give you the information you need, but they are busy. Even with a pre-op appointment, you can still end up heading into surgery with questions and worries. The team at Justice Healthcare Group used to work in hospitals, and we understand that having an operation can be quite stressful. We have dedicated ourselves to making the recovery period as easy as possible, but we also have some tips for preparing before the operation.

Get Ready for Your Operation

Be bold.

  • A lot of surgery patients think that their concerns and fears are silly. They feel bad asking medical professionals, feeling like they’re wasting the experts’ time. Don’t fall into this trap. One of the most powerful ways to calm your worries is asking questions. Don’t rush through your pre-op and post-operative appointments. Take the time to ask all the questions you have. In fact, you can prepare for your appointment by writing down all of the questions you have. That way, you won’t have to leave the appointment and realize you forgot to ask one.

Be clear about your diet.

  • Most operations require a diet change in the days leading up to them, especially operations on the gallbladder or bowels. Your surgeon should share all of your dietary requirements with you, but feel free to ask more questions so you’re completely clear on what needs to be done. You may have to fast or take a liquid bowel prep. There’s a chance that you won’t have to make any adjustments at all, but you’ll need to hear that from your surgeon.

Make medication plans.

  • Asking what medications you’ll have after your operation is very important. Your surgeon may not always tell you, so it’s important to have the question on your list just in case. Ask the surgeon about the medications you’ll need as well as any home health equipment before the surgery so you can go into it prepared. You do not want to be waiting until after the surgery¬†when you’re in pain.

Get your home ready.

  • We went in-depth on this subject in a previous blog, but it is a key part of preparing for an operation. You want your home to be prepped for when you return. That means bills paid, pet care arranged, pillows collected, magazines and medications ready, and a “home base” where you’ll recover easily accessible. This is also a good time to incorporate any medical equipment you’ll use during your recovery.

Pack your bag.

  • You’ll feel much better when you have a bag packed with everything you’ll need for your hospital stay. This bag will be a little piece of home, so include a phone and a charger as well as entertainment. You’ll want to stay connected to your loved ones, and a tablet or book can make the time fly.

Recover at Home With Us

At Justice Healthcare Group, we are on a mission to ensure that you only spend as much time in the hospital as you need to. Heading back to the hospital because of complications is expensive and discouraging, and we can prevent that from happening with our home health care services. We offer everything from a Home Safety Program to IV Therapy to Wound Care and more. Our extensive experience in the medical field uniquely qualifies us to bring world-class care into your home. Our hope is that we can save you money, time, and pain by making premium care accessible to you in Texas. Contact us today!