If you’ve ever had to stay the hospital, you know how it goes: the flowers arrive, visitors stop by, and the doctors and nurses make sure you’re doing okay whether it’s three in the morning or three in the afternoon. Food is brought to your bed, and the bathroom is full of helpful bars for stability. Plus, there are those socks with the rubber grips on the soles.

Unfortunately, the only advantage you get to take home with you is the socks. Of course, it can be wonderful to sleep in your own bed and just be out of the hospital in general, but nobody is giving you your medications anymore. Nobody is cooking your food anymore. Your bathroom probably doesn’t have all the stabilizing bars. You’ve embarked on real recovery now, and it can be a very difficult journey without the right help.

Many of us depend on loved ones or friends to come by and help us out. Sometimes, they even stay with us for a few days. If you have a solid support system, you’ll probably have casseroles in your freezer, waiting to be microwaved and eaten. On paper, it can seem totally doable. When you factor in weariness, pain, and the aftereffects of anesthesia everything gets a lot more complex. That isn’t even considering the possibility of complications, which are all too common despite the best efforts of extremely skilled surgeons and doctors.

Once you get home, the last thing you want to do is head back to the hospital because you’ve got a complication. Not only is is an exhausting hassle, it is expensive. However, it can feel like you don’t have a choice. In reality, you do have a choice! Choosing to bring a health care professional into your home can save you the pain and money of going back to the hospital. At Justice Heathcare Group in Houston, that is exactly what we do.

In the days leading up to a scheduled operation at the hospital, there are things you can do to make your return trip easier on yourself. In today’s blog, we will explore a few key adjustments you can make in your home before you head out.

The Stairs

Depending on the operation you have, stairs can be the bane of your existence. However, even if you will be perfectly able to use the stairs after surgery, it’s worth making sure the railings are solid, the steps aren’t slippery, and that there’s good lighting all the way down. Stair light fixtures are some of the most neglected lights in the home, and if the bulb in yours has long been out, take the time to replace it. It doesn’t matter what operation you had; a fall on the stairs is the last thing you want!

The Path to the Bathroom

The space between your bed/chair and the bathroom should not just be clear of obstacles; it should be well-lit. You will walk it when you’re very groggy, and you can’t depend on yourself to be cognizant enough to steer around things. Make sure all electrical cords and other stumble dangers get stowed. All loose rugs need to go in a closet. Install night lights if needed.

A Command Post

Make your bed a central location for everything you need. If you have a partner, he or she might need to make adjustments for a week or two. You need to have your phone charger or a portable phone within reach at all times, in addition to water, snacks, entertainment, and medications. Don’t forget to invest in enough pillows to support you comfortably.

Business Matters

Pay upcoming bills, and if you have a pet, ensure that it has care. Shop for toilet paper and other staples you might run out of during your recovery.

Frozen Food

You may get food from friends and family, and you might not. Just make sure you have plenty of frozen food. Believe us, just thawing it will be difficult enough.

Coordinate Support

Make sure you have rides to and from the hospital. If you’re having a serious operation that will lay you up, you need to have someone around day and night for the first week at least. You may feel okay when you come home, but your body is dealing with a lot of trauma, and things can go south quickly in that first week. Again, you don’t want to end up back at the hospital!

The team at Justice Healthcare Group is aware of how many people have to return to expensive hospitals due to complications, and we are on a mission to intervene. We come to your home, bringing medical technology and years of experience to help solve whatever you’re going through. We can keep you in the comfort of your home and prevent more high hospital bills. Contact our home health aide team in Texas today!