Being able to make clear, wise decisions when it comes to your health is difficult when you don’t have a full understanding of the options at your disposal. At Justice Healthcare Group, our team spent years working in hospitals and seeing people leave after operations, relieved to be headed home for recovery. Too many times, these patients ended up back in the hospital because of complications. As we helped these patients through their complications and sent them home for the second time, we realized that a lot of the issues could have been easily prevented if they’d had some knowledgeable help at home the first time they went home. Today, we work hard to bring care to people’s homes so that they can recover in comfort.

As we’ve built our business, we’ve realized that a lot of people don’t fully understand home health care. There are dozens of misconceptions surrounding this type of care, and we want to take a few blogs to clear them up. Read on!

MYTH: Home Care Is Really Expensive

If you’ve never used home care before, it can be intimidating to consider it. Many people think that paying a medical professional to come into their home is going to be too expensive to sustain. The thing is, people commonly overestimate the cost of in-home care and get pleasantly surprised when they do their research. In-home care is manageable, and especially affordable when you think about the cost of another night in the hospital.

MYTH: My Family Is Helping Me So I Don’t Need Home Care

It’s normal for family or friends to rally around you when you’re going through an operation. However, it’s important to realize that, while family members can cook, clean, and do laundry, they usually aren’t healthcare professionals. If and when complications crop up, you need someone who can quickly address them and prevent them from becoming so serious you have to go back to the hospital. Additionally, looking after you can be a heavy burden for family members who may already be stretched too thinly. You need a balanced care plan that provides you with what you need without pulling too hard on those around you. In-home health care is the answer.

MYTH: In-Home Care Isn’t a Safe Choice

If you’re worried that you won’t get the care you need outside of a hospital, keep in mind that our team is made of health care professionals with access to great equipment that they can bring into your home. We have the knowledge needed to keep you from having to go back to the hospital. It’s also important to remember that a majority of the complications that happen after surgery start out small, and if they’re addressed professionally, they have no chance to get very serious. Of course, if you’re experiencing a complication that requires a hospital, we will get you there right away. We are here to make sure you have the care you need, no matter what that is.

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