As you may know, the Justice Healthcare Group team worked in hospitals for a long time. Hospitals are where we realized there was a huge need for professional medical services that could travel to patients and help them in their own homes. The thing was, everyone at the hospitals worked really hard to equip our patients to handle recovery. We provided handouts and sat down with each patient to answer questions before they went home. The problem is, when you’re trying to recover away from professional staff, it can be very difficult to manage medications, meals, and body care. Home recovery can make you particularly vulnerable to complications, and it is far better to address complications without heading back to the hospital, where bills rack up quickly.

The world of home health care is surrounded by a lot of myths. Unfortunately, they prevent a lot of people from making smart decisions when they need care. For instance, they try so hard to make recovery work at home, when complications crop up they fail to get the correct help and end up having to return to the hospital because the issue gets so serious. In our last blog, we discussed three common myths, including costs, the choice between family help and professional help, and the safety of home health care. While these myths stop a lot of people from getting good care, the fact is, home care is affordable, often provides essential relief to the family, and is very safe. However, there are more myths that need to be busted, and we’re going to tackle them today!

MYTH: Home Care Isn’t Necessary if You Have Basic Needs

There’s a reason why we offer everything from help with dressing to managing IV medications to wound care. There is no such thing as a low or moderate need when you’re recovering. If you’ve just come through surgery, your body has been through a lot of trauma, and this can make things as basic as managing medications can be overwhelming. You’re at a key point in your journey, and the goal is to get better as quickly as possible. Whether you need your home adjusted to avoid tripping or you’re recovering from knee replacement (or both), we are here to help you.

MYTH: Home Care Is Only for Seniors

This is one of the toughest myths about home health care. People think that only older folks or people with disabilities need home care, and if you’re younger, you shouldn’t even consider it. That isn’t true. Home care is an affordable, convenient option no matter what your age may be. At Justice Healthcare Group, we customize our services to ensure our clients get the exact care they need. Our range of care options is diverse enough to accommodate everything from the most basic needs to much more advanced situations. At the end of the day, you need great care without having to break the bank, and we can give it to you.

MYTH: If You Need 24/7 Care, Home Care Isn’t a Good Idea

As we said in our last point, home care can be individualized to a very high extent. That is part of what makes home care so powerful. If you’ve just gotten home from the hospital, and you need someone to be with you 24/7, there are agencies who are designed to do just that.

MYTH: You Have No Say over Who Your Caregiver Will Be

It is possible for you to find a caregiver who gets along with you and meets your needs. It may take a little experimentation, but remember that you have the final say. If you don’t get along with your caregiver, don’t trust the caregiver, or feel the caregiver doesn’t meet your needs, don’t feel trapped. You have the ability to change things up and find a caregiver who works better for you. At Justice Healthcare Group, we want you to have the helper you need to get better.

At Justice Healthcare Group, we want you to have the help you need to recover, no matter what¬†health situation you’re dealing with. We are proud to offer Texas professional healthcare that comes straight to your home. Contact our home health aide team to learn more today!