At Justice Healthcare Group, we have dedicated ourselves to providing home health care that allows people to fully recover from medical operations or live with difficult conditions in the comfort of their own homes. We come from working in hospitals, where we got to see many patients discharged and then forced to return to the hospital because of dangerous complications. The thing is, most hospital staff will do their very best to provide their outgoing patients with comprehensive instructions and advice. Surgeons or their staff usually check in with their patients the day after they’ve gone home. However, despite the very best instructions, recovery can be a bumpy road. When strange pain or fever crops up, or you’re faced with trying to bandage your own incisions correctly, it can be very good to have a medical professional in your home. That way, you don’t have to pay for another expensive hospital stay.

Though our health aide team has helped many Texans recovering from surgical operations, we also provide traditional, in-home care to the elderly and those who are home-bound. In this realm (just as in the surgical recovery realm), we see families trying to meet their loved ones’ needs themselves. While some families can swing it, the burden can often become far too much for non-professionals to handle. We have seen too many family members worn to the bone from caring for their loved ones. This doesn’t have to happen when there are affordable, excellent options like Justice Healthcare Group. In today’s blog, we want to discuss signs that you or a loved one needs our in-home care services.

Signs That You Or Your Loved One Needs In-Home Care

Significant weight loss

  • Whatever the reason may be, if your loved one isn’t eating regularly or healthfully, weight can become an issue. Our team can help prevent this problem by providing regular, nutritious meals that keep you or your loved one strong and healthy.

Inability to handle daily grooming

  • A disheveled appearance is an instant indicator that your loved one is having trouble managing activities of daily life. The reason may be depression or physical difficulty. Whatever the issue may be, we can come into your home and make those daily activities easier.

A messy house

  • Keeping a house clean is a significant task that can quickly become unmanageable if you are physically or emotionally unwell. Our environments have a big impact on our wellbeing, and a dirty home can just make things worse. We can make sure that your home is fresh and clean, enhancing your feeling of wellbeing.

Trouble standing up from chairs

  • As you get older and your muscle mass decreases, your thighs can be particularly affected. If your loved one has to struggle to rise from chairs or toilets, activities of daily life are no longer manageable. It may be a good idea to contact us for consistent assistance.

Spoiled food in the fridge

  • We all have food go bad once in a while, but if common items that should be rapidly used are languishing and then rotting in the fridge, something is not right. The fridge can be an instant indicator of a need for help, so if you’re worried about your loved one, try to check it out.

Periods of confusion and forgetfulness

  • When a loved one has trouble tracking just what is going on, it can be upsetting and frustrating for everyone. Worse, it can have a very negative effect on your loved one’s ability to take care of daily tasks. Forgetfulness can be an indicator of Alzheimer’s or dementia, so getting help from our team in addition to visiting a doctor is a good idea.

Increasing isolation

  • Though social isolation is most common for the elderly, it can happen to anyone who finds themselves at home due to medical issues. We can easily resolve this issue by coming around regularly and providing help with the activities of daily life. We can also look into activities and transportation that will keep isolation at bay.

A stuffed mailbox

  • Maybe the mailbox is too far away for your loved one to safely walk to. Or maybe your loved one has lost all interest. Either way, things should not keep going the way they are. Instead, contact Justice Healthcare Group. Our traditional home care services will ensure that the mailbox gets checked and loneliness isn’t an issue.

A urine smell in the house

  • Medical operations and aging can cause urinary incontinence, making it difficult to reach the toilet in time. If you visit your loved one’s home and smell urine, incontinence may be the issue. At Justice Healthcare Group, we have experience with both toileting and catheter care. We can be as specialized as you need us to be, which means you don’t have to go to another team when your loved one’s needs change.


  • Both medical issues and age can make people unsteady on their feet. Either way, a fall is the last thing anyone wants. The Justice Healthcare Group can come into your home and resolve fall risks. Just having someone around is one of the biggest benefits we offer. After all, you don’t want a loved one to end up on the floor for hours, unable to access help.

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