As you can read in our story, you’ll see that our founding team worked in hospitals. During our time working with hospital patients, we noticed that a bunch of them had to come back after their operations because of complications. While complications happen, we noticed that a lot of the issues could have easily been prevented if the patients had known what to do and had professional help. Instead of overcoming the issues with a little help, people had to go all the way back to the hospital and pay expensive bills because of it. There is a massive need for health care professionals who can go to their patients rather than the other way around, and that is what Justice Healthcare Group is all about.

Many people underestimate the extent of the impact of surgery’s impact on their bodies. They usually understand that recovery will be a challenge, but a lot of them assume they can recover quickly. Doctors do their best to tell their patients what to expect after surgery, but everyone is different. It’s important to understand when you’re experiencing recovery versus when you’re experiencing serious complications. In today’s blog, we want to discuss some of the most common complications that crop up after surgery and signs that it’s time to give our home health care experts a call.


A lot of the effort will be made at the hospital to prevent infection, but the rubber doesn’t really hit the road until you get home after your procedure. When minor infections happen, they usually show up around incisions and slow down the healing process. However, they can go far further than that, and actually become life-threatening. The good news is that fewer than three out of 100 patients will suffer infection after surgery – an incredible improvement from the medical situations of the past. The bad news is that if you smoke, are overweight, have diabetes, or have an emergency operation, chances are higher that you’ll get an infection. If you are in trouble, you’ll see the following signs:

  • Fever that continues and gets worse
  • Swelling and redness around the incision(s)
  • Pus or fluid draining from the incision(s)

The team at Justice Healthcare Group is aware of how quickly an infection can dig in and send a person back to the hospital, and that is why we provide wound care. We can ensure that your incision(s) get professional care, keeping them clean and covered so you don’t have to go back to the hospital.

Struggling to Use the Bathroom

It’s normal for anesthesia to make you constipated, and pain medications only make it worse. Some kinds of anesthesia can also impact your ability to pee. Chances are good that your doctor will prescribe stool softeners or laxatives to keep everything moving. You can help things along by staying hydrated and moving as much as is possible. When it comes to urinating, your doctor might have to install a catheter to make it easier to empty your bladder. You usually won’t have the catheter in for a long time, but while it’s in, it can lead to bladder damage or infection. That is why we offer professional catheter care. We want to ensure your basic bodily functions are taken care of without infection or damage.

Having trouble with basic bodily functions can land you back in the hospital, racking up more bills. That is why we offer professional catheter care as well as bladder and bowel training. We understand that being in pain and on medications and struggling with inexperience can make it difficult to take good care of yourself. Even if you have help from friends and family, they may not know what they are doing. We are here to ensure your basic bodily functions are taken care of without infection or damage – in addition to all the other health care services we provide.

We are here to provide world-class home health care to the Greater Houston area. Our dedicated team is passionate about empowering you or your loved one to recover in the comfort of home. Stop worrying about having to head back to the hospital. Instead, turn to Justice Healthcare Group. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!