Whether you’ve had surgery before or not, you know it’s a significant event that will time and recovery. When you’re at the hospital, the staff will work hard to ensure you get everything you need. Indeed, you won’t even have to think about when to take which medications or how to get in and out of the shower. Hospitals are equipped with experts, shower bars, and beds that can be moved to any position is comfortable to you. While the hospital is a good place, many people can’t wait to get home where everything is familiar and comfortable. They want their own pillows, chairs, and food. The thing is, they don’t always understand that the rubber hits the road when they get home.

A majority of recovery happens at home, not at the hospital, and this can be disastrous for people who don’t have enough knowledge and assistance. As we mentioned in our last blog, we used to work in hospitals, and it was amazing to us how many familiar faces we saw returning to the hospital after we had discharged them. Patients would go home, run into complications, and have to return to the hospital. Ironically, a lot of the issues that brought them back to expensive hospital rooms could have been prevented easily if they’d had some help. That is why Justice Healthcare Group was created: we wanted to bring that essential help to people trying to get back on their feet after surgery and other treatments.

In our last blog, we discussed two complications that are common after surgery but can quickly get serious if they aren’t managed well enough. These complications include infection and trouble using the bathroom. Our wound care and general health care services can easily ensure these issues don’t get out of control. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss two more things to watch out for – two issues that could put you back in the hospital if you don’t have our help.

Muscle Loss

This one may not seem like a dangerous complication, but it contributes to problems so often, we couldn’t leave it out. Young adults at the height of fitness lose one percent of their muscles after just one day of bed rest. Once you get older, you can lose up to five percent of your muscle mass every day. Most people don’t expect the change to happen so quickly. Unfortunately, the weaker your body is, the longer it takes to recover. If you weren’t fit heading into surgery, the worse off you will be. You need to sit up and move as soon as you can and it is safe. The more you keep moving, the stronger you’ll get, and the better your body will be able to resist infection and other setbacks.

Part of what we do is make sure your home is free of tripping hazards and other dangers. We want to make sure you feel comfortable moving around as much as possible so that you can regain your strength quickly.

Breathing Issues

When you go under anesthesia, your body loses the ability to breathe and cough normally. A lot of your recovery will involve regaining your full lung function. This can be especially difficult if you had abdominal or chest surgery because breathing deeply and pushing air out can hurt. As a result, people get mucus built up in their lungs, and this can lead to serious trouble, including pneumonia and collapsed lungs. The following are signs that something serious may be going on:

  • Blue lips or blue skin
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid heart rate and breathing

If you experience these symptoms, you may need to head back to the hospital. There is no reason for things to get this far, and our home health aide team is here to ensure that doesn’t happen. Chances are good that you’ll come back from the hospital with an incentive spirometer, a device that helps you take deep, slow breath and measures your lung capacity. It will probably be your least favorite thing in the world, but it is incredibly important. You can be sure our staff will keep on you about using your incentive spirometer. As we said, we will also make sure your home is safe for moving around. Keeping moving is important to building your strength back up and ensuring you get your lungs going at full capacity again.

Justice Healthcare Group is a team of experienced medical professionals dedicated to bringing healthcare to our patients rather than waiting for them to come to us. We are passionate about ensuring our patients have the ability to recover fully in the comfort of their own homes rather than struggling and having to go back to the hospital. We serve the greater Houston area and would love to help you. Contact us to learn more!