If you find yourself headed to the hospital, chances are good that you’re hoping to make it a one-time stay. The last thing anyone wants is to finally get home from an operation and run into complications that force them to return to the hospital. The Justice Healthcare team spent years working in hospitals and seeing people be discharged only to return because of complications that could have been avoided with a little help at home. That is why we created the Justice Healthcare Group. We want to empower people to recover at home!

When many people think of home health care, they think of a service used by the elderly. It’s far more than that, and it provides incredible, cost-effective benefits. In most cases, getting home health care is better than paying for another hospital stay. If you aren’t sure, read on to see just how powerful our home health care can be!

Skilled nursing in your home

Issues you can run into after surgery aren’t always as simple as a light fever or pain. When things start getting serious, a skilled nurse can turn things around so you don’t have to go back to the hospital. Not only are skilled nurses certified and licensed, they bring medical equipment with them to your home. Even if you’re facing a complex issue, a skilled nurse can help you out.

Help with providing good care

We often lean on on family or friends to take care of us when we return from the hospital, but depending on how drawn-out your healing process becomes, it can be very difficult to loved ones to give you the care you need. Having a home care provider come in can give loved ones a much-needed breather. Additionally, if there are safety risks in your home like slick floors, you and your family may not have fixed that. A professional will automatically note and fix safety risks that you and your loved ones missed.

One-on-one care

When a health care provider visits your home, you’re the only patient. You’re not one in a series of patients in a hospital wing. Instead, you have a skilled professional whose only mission is to ensure your well-being. You don’t have to worry about your health care needs being put first. There’s a reason why patients and home care providers build strong bonds; the one-on-one time ends up being an invaluable investment for both parties.

Receive better care and save money

The National Association of Home Care has studies that show how expensive entering a skilled nursing facility is compared to bringing the care to your home. If you end up in the hospital or another facility, you’ll pay about $450 a day. However, if you choose home health care, you’ll pay about $132 a day. You can see why we do what we do. Providing high-quality care in a convenient environment and for more affordable prices is our passion!

Support with activities of daily life (ADLs)

As we’ve said, family members can only do so much. If they are all at work and you’re stuck recovering at home, having someone visit can make a huge difference. Our care providers are happy to do what they can do make your daily life better during each visit. It is important to us to preserve your quality of life by maintaining your dignity and providing ease wherever possible.

Help with nutrition for recovery

When you come home from the hospital, your body is just beginning to climb a mountain. If you don’t give it the nutrients it needs, your recovery won’t go well. This is especially true if you require a lot of bed rest or have a chronic condition. Anyone 65 years or older A professional home care provider can help ensure you’re eating right and giving your body the tools it needs to move through recovery as efficiently as possible.

Medication management

Many times, you arrive home from the hospital with medications in-tow. If you already take medications, adding more in can be very confusing, especially when you’re exhausted and hurting. If you’re missing how the nurses administered your medications on-time at the hospital, you should get in-home care. A home health care provider will ensure that you’re taking the right medications at the right time. You can focus on recovering.

Justice Healthcare Group is a unique team of experienced medical professionals with a passion for bringing world-class care to Houston homes. We work hard to be the solution to what can be frustrating, discouraging recoveries. Our services cover a wide area of needs, including fall prevention, LVAD care, IV Therapy, Wound Care, and other home health services. We have worked in hospitals, and we only want you to have to go to the hospital once. From there, we can help you recover well at home. Let us be your care solution. Contact us in Houston today!