1. Hacks for the Best Hospital Stay – Part 2

    It doesn't matter if you're facing your first surgery or your tenth; facing the prospect of an operation and the recovery to follow can be a daunting prospect. If you find yourself worrying about what might happen as you try to fall asleep at night, you aren't alone. Many people find it difficult to…Read More

  2. Hacks for the Best Hospital Stay – Part 1

    There are generally two ways you end up in the hospital: either you rush in via the emergency room or your care providers recommend surgery and the operation is scheduled out. In the first situation, you don't have any time to adjust your plans and take measures to ensure everything is taken care o…Read More

  3. Are You Experiencing Caregiver Burnout?

    Are you in charge of caring for an aging loved one? What may have started out as weekly visits can turn into a full-time job as your loved one gets older. Many people find themselves trapped between wanting to save money, care for a loved one, and raise their own families. They often fail to realiz…Read More

  4. Why In-Home Care is Great for the Elderly – Part 2

    Senior care has come a long way from the grim nursing homes or burdened families that used to define it. Today, seniors and their families have a wide array of options at different price points. As a result, it is usually possible to find a solution that actually works. Of course, the complexity of …Read More

  5. Signs That You Or Your Loved One Needs In-Home Care

    At Justice Healthcare Group, we have dedicated ourselves to providing home health care that allows people to fully recover from medical operations or live with difficult conditions in the comfort of their own homes. We come from working in hospitals, where we got to see many patients discharged and …Read More

  6. Why In-Home Care is Great for the Elderly – Part 1

    No matter how independent we are, there are times when we all could use a helping hand. This idea is especially important for the elderly, who still want to embrace life but may struggle with physical and mental issues. Facing the challenges of getting older and figuring out how to still live to the…Read More

  7. Signs of Post-Op Depression

    Even if you have undergone several surgeries in your lifetime, having an operation never stops being a major event. Many people underestimate the impact that surgery can have on them long after they've left the hospital. If anything is on their radars, it's physical complications. While physical iss…Read More

  8. Learn the General Risks of Surgery – Part 2

    Modern medicine has brought surgery a long way, and we are grateful for every innovation! That being said, surgery is still a major event in anyone's life. It can be difficult not to worry about what complications might crop up. The thing is, complications aren't the end of the world. In fact, many …Read More

  9. Learn the General Risks of Surgery – Part 1

    No surgery is risk-free; it doesn't matter how small the operation may be. Because of the risk, surgery should always be a last resort, and our healthcare system does a pretty good job of exhausting all the other options before turning to the operating table. The goal of surgery is to provide result…Read More

  10. Understanding the Risks of Surgery for the Elderly – Part 2

    As we get older, our health tends to decline. As a result, many elderly people find themselves needing surgery. Whether it is joint replacement, heart surgery, or something else, surgery is a major event. Many older patients know they are at higher risk for complications than younger people are, but…Read More

  11. Understanding the Risks of Surgery for the Elderly – Part 1

    Going into surgery is a nerve-wracking experience for anyone, but it can be especially scary for older adults who know they are "high risk." It is ironic that we become high risk for surgery right when we're getting into a time of life when many of us need surgery more: over half the surgeries perfo…Read More

  12. Surgical Incision Dehiscence 101

    At Justice Healthcare, we specialize in home care, which can come in very handy when you've just come home from a surgical operation. Complications after surgery are more common than most people think, but they have to be handled correctly. Otherwise, you can end up back in the hospital. The thing i…Read More