1. Myths About in-Home Care – Part 1

    Being able to make clear, wise decisions when it comes to your health is difficult when you don't have a full understanding of the options at your disposal. At Justice Healthcare Group, our team spent years working in hospitals and seeing people leave after operations, relieved to be headed home for…Read More

  2. Signs You’re Having Post-Surgery Complications – Part 1

    As you can read in our story, you'll see that our founding team worked in hospitals. During our time working with hospital patients, we noticed that a bunch of them had to come back after their operations because of complications. While complications happen, we noticed that a lot of the issues could…Read More

  3. What to Pack for a Hospital Visit

    It’s the rare person who actually wishes to go to the hospital. Whether we’re there for an emergency or a scheduled procedure, hospital trips are usually an ordeal. If we’re lucky, we receive care from knowledgeable, compassionate professionals. We’ll also have visitors and gifts sent our wa…Read More

  4. Welcome to Justice Healthcare Group!

    If you find yourself headed to the hospital, chances are good that you’re hoping to make it a one-time stay. The last thing anyone wants is to finally get home from an operation and run into complications that force them to return to the hospital. The Justice Healthcare team spent years working in…Read More